About us

Our mission is to empower athletes, coaches and parents to train efficiently and effectively while building a solid foundation of fundamentals.


was developed and evaluated by athletes as well as active professional players who believe in the power of sport to develop athletes both physically and in character. Our goal is to elevate the way teams and individuals train through innovative products that sharpen skills and build a solid foundation of fundamentals.

Our debut product, the Fielder’s Dome Mat™, is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, lateral movement, foot work, and reaction time of any player – catchers, pitchers, in-fielders and out-fielders! In addition to streamlining fielding drills, it could be used for any athlete to improve their hand-eye coordination.

Within just 5 minutes, a player can receive field training in excess of over 10 repetitions. Join players of all ages in training like a pro with the Fielder’s Dome Mat™!


Superior to kettlebells, our institutional quality T-Bell® features 3-position, knurled rotating handle and holds up to 225 lbs. of Olympic weight plates, as well as three resistance band slots for added resistance.
*Bands, weight plates, and collar not included.


We took our original Fielder’s Dome Mat and adapted it to include a lesson plan guide for physical education teachers of all grades. We’ve even partnered with award-winning PE teachers to make sure your lessons are inclusive and adaptive for all students.


Perfect for all team strength and conditioning programs.