Fielder’s Dome Mat™ - Physical Education Edition

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Type: Training Mat

Enjoy our Back to School sale on our 1-pack Fielder's Dome Mat PE Edition now through September 1st!

Our Fielder’s Dome Mat for Physical Education is a fun, efficient, and multi-ability drill best for elementary and secondary school physical education programs. The mat features nine rubber domes that deflect rolled balls to the receiving student, teaching hand-eye coordination, mobility, agility, and stamina. Plus, you’ll receive our free Lesson Plan Guide developed in partnership with an 11-year veteran physical education instructor!

The PE Edition provides instructors with a new activity perfectly suited for the shorter time periods that schools allot for physical education. The lesson plan guide also supports teachers in developing adapted mobility physical education programs as well as accommodates neurodivergent students.

We believe in the power of sport and play for youth that changes the way our children develop motor skills and form bonds with their peers. With the Fielder’s Dome MatTM PE Edition we hope we can help make your job as an educator easier, more efficient, and most of all – fun!

This product is proudly Houston-based and Made in the USA!

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