Innovative T-Bell Advances Athletic Performance

Innovative T-Bell Advances Athletic Performance

Innovative T-Bell Advances Athletic Performance

In 2021, Game Changing Products LLC acquired the sales rights for the T-Bell® Strength & Conditioning product. “After we successfully introduced our first product from Texas-based

inventor Robert Acuna, the Fielder’s Dome Mat™, we started looking for the next unique product we could add to our offering. Robert approached me about incorporating the T-Bell within the Field Sports Training brand. I agreed it would be a great addition that would cover the strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation side for the athletes and coaches. Our company goal is to focus in on specific and uniquely designed products which deliver results. Each product must meet the following criteria: it must have a specific purpose that benefits the user; it must be unique – we are not looking to take on products which do not deliver results as intended; it must increase practice efficiency for coaches and athletes alike; and it must be affordable and durable. The T-Bell checks all those boxes,” said Jeff Newkirk, Managing Member.



The T-Bell® has so many advantages over regular kettle bells. It’s bio-mechanical patented design is compact, strong, versatile, and made of aerospace grade aluminum, and it is also lightweight. It is rust and corrosion proof and can hold up to 225 lbs. of Olympic weight plates, so any facility can implement it without additional expensive costs.

If used properly, it provides an incredibly effective, efficient and safe workout for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. T-Bell® is a piece of training equipment that builds the essential foundation for long-term strength and performance while delivering results as you can progress from just using bands (beginners) interlaced with it, to actual weight plates (advanced). 

The T-Bell serves as a progression tool that advances training safely and effectively. Individuals new to strength training, young athletes developing proper lifting techniques, athletes in post-injury rehabilitation, and even seasoned athletes looking to perfect form and accelerate results can benefit from using the T-Bell®.

The T-Bell’s patented biomechanical design engages the correct muscles, promotes proper form, and helps protect the spine. By keeping the weight closer to the center of gravity, aligned with the spine and hips, the T-Bell® strengthens the core and trunk muscles, lessening the stress on spinal discs, and provides a solid base for a lift. This develops the posterior muscle chain (including the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, trapezius, and posterior deltoids), building powerful strength and form.

“Once you use the T-Bell, the versatility and exercise options are limited only by the strength coach’s imagination and creativity. I cannot think of a better tool for the money than the T-Bell. Whether you are a major college program, high school or private training facility, the quality, versatility, and value make implementing the T-Bell into your program a forgone conclusion. It’s a must have, a no brainer decision.”

– Dr. Ralph Cornwell Jr. Phd | Strength & Conditioning Coach, 30 years in industry.

T-Bell also delivers much more than just physical benefits to its user. It reduces total equipment expenses for gyms, fitness studios, colleges, hospitals, high schools, and personal instructors by allowing more athletes to work out simultaneously in a limited space. Several T-Bells can be used as stations within the same footprint as an Olympic bench and barbell making it a great product to incorporate into cross training programs.

For universities or high schools, several stations of the T-Bell® can rotate athletes efficiently through key strength movements, saving time and increasing productivity. This is especially helpful for programs that might have shared gym time with other sports where availability to traditional Olympic benches and barbells is limited due to capacity and training time.

“The T-Bell delivers results and allows great efficiencies in our strength and conditioning program. We use six stations of it in a minimal amount of space. It is now a staple part of our core posterior training program.”

- Roger Harriot | Head Football Coach, St. Thomas Aquinas HS - 13x Florida State Football Champions

The rotating 3-position adjustable knurled handle allows for a variety of movements and allows progression of weight instead of one fixed weight. It also accommodates bands that increase resistance above maximum weight plate total of 225 lbs. Because it weighs just 5 lbs., its compact design can be safely packed for travel without any issues for those trainers and teams who might be traveling.

For physical therapy trainers, it’s perfect for all sports injury rehabilitation, allowing a measured incremental approach to recovery while promoting proper weightlifting form.

“The T-Bell is a versatile and useful piece of equipment. It’s a great tool for teaching proper technique, rehabilitation, modifying and loading athletes. The fact that weight can be adjusted quickly and easily allows for multiple athlete and exercise use with a minimum footprint.”

- Tim Ojeda | USC Assistant Sports Performance Coach

A kettlebell handle often varies by weight size and does not allow for both average sized hands to fit in the handle loop properly, resulting in narrowed hand placement, rolled shoulders, and upper back discomfort. By using the T-Bell® now you can not only add and subtract weight, but you also can add resistance bands and perform the lift in a comfortable manner.

This article was originally published in the National Fitness Trade Journal.